Meet the Team

The team organizing the festival is of course super important. Attending meetings, exchanging ideas, making lists, scouting locations, concocting gin, posting on facebook, hosting open mics, booking hotels and inviting artists… are just a few of the things that the team already did for VUN2020. Can’t list everything here, so I’ll keep it simple.

Here’s it is (in not particular order) a huge THANK YOU to…

  • Gustav – for always being organized and keeping our ukulele club together
  • Stoffl – for bringing in new ideas and new bands
  • Elisabeth – for being our musical advisor and connecting us with awesone artists
  • Alex – for wonderful videos and delicious food
  • Tina – for beautiful singing and awesome cooking skills
  • Nikky – for making us look amazing on our social media
  • Manfred – for providing us with a beautiful location for our open mic
  • Flo – for his awesome bar-tending skills
  • Andi – for being the most patient sound engineer out there
  • Juliana – for getting everyone involved in this monster project

…keep it up guys, you’re amazing!