Typically, we have a set of lyrics and some chords, play through everything and finish. “Sounds logical” you might say. However there is a way of arranging things such as splitting parts between different vocal ranges, adding pauses, 3 part harmony to name a few. The song I choose for this is the Beatles classic HEY JUDE. You may have already played this song but I guarantee you will not have heard anything like what I propose. To top it off there is a huge finale. Good times!

Date: Saturday, 16.September 2023
Time: 13:00
Duration: 55 minutes
Location: Khleslplatz 5, 1120 Wien, Austria
(1 minute walk from VUN location)
Language: English
Teacher: Peter Moss
Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Pro

!!! This Workshop is at the same time as Elisabeth Pfeiffer’s Workshop “Magic on the Uke – Mastering Harmonics” –  Don’t book both for yourself !!!

!!! Dieser Workshop findet zeitgleich mit Pfeiffer’s Workshop “Magic on the Uke – Mastering Harmonics” statt – Bitte nicht beides buchen !!!



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