A regular Chord – major or minor – is made of three sounds. These chords are often a good starting point for a musical piece; As the song unfolds, though, it’s more interesting if the chords evolve, too, bringing the listener into new territories.

In this workshop we will discover how to build up interesting and beautiful musical movements without even thinking about the chord we are playing. We’ll find out a way to create progressions and we will discover how your ukulele can beautifully harmonize with your voice

Date: Friday, 15.September 2023
Time: 16:00
Duration: 55 minutes
Location: Khleslplatz 5, 1120 Wien, Austria
(1 minute walk from VUN location)
Language: English
Teacher: Ukulollo (Lorenzo Vignando)
Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Pro

!!! This Workshop is at the same time as Christof Birkmayer’s Workshop “My Baby’s got the Blues” –  Don’t book both for yourself !!!

!!! Dieser Workshop findet zeitgleich mit Christof Birkmayer’s  “My Baby’s got the Blues” statt – Bitte nicht beides buchen !!!



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