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Arranging Chansons and working as a duo

Workshop with Charlotte & Elisabeth

12. September 2020 17:00 - 17:50 Raum Sissi

In this workshop Charlotte and Elisabeth will show you their methods of how they approach practicing, working and performing as a duo.
Elisabeth will cover topics such as sketching out and arranging sheet music written for piano and shows you how to effectively pratise instrumental parts that will later be combined with voice. She talks about how to play an attentive and careful accompaniment that neither interrupts the vocals, nor disappears in the background.
Charlotte will show you her techniques to tell the story of a song through finding characters and playing with emotive singing. How to make the audience want to pay attention? She will also cover topics such as dealing with difficult songs, pushing own limits without hurting the voice and most importantly, how to have a whole lot of fun treating every song as a miniature theatre performance.
This workshop is about the complete process from finding a song, establishing and reaching goals, to putting it on stage.

For players of ALL skill levels!

NOTE: This Workshop is at the same time as Christof’s “Strumming Patterns” Workshop! Plan your workshops carefully!

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